This section contains all sources that date prior to 1800. Documents from this early period are understandably much rarer than from later periods, yet there are a surprising number of sources available. Enjoy!

Document dated July 1752 related to an agreement between a William Loftie of Canterbury (Surgeon) and Richard Kelery of Lyminge (Yeoman) for a property which included a tenement, barn, stable and premises in Kent County.

French Letter dated 1700.

Letter dated December 4th 1762 regarding the payment of “interest moneys due” to a James Sporling Esq.

First page of Edinburgh Advertiser newspaper, Tuesday July 27th 1773.

Small Vellum document issued by John, Archbishop of Canterbury, dated 1795. The document regards the Last Will and Testament of John Debonnaire late of Bromley in the County of Middlesex.

Document from the reign of Charles II written by the Earle of Devonshire appointing William Fiozherbert commander of the Militia of the County of Derby, 1662.

Letter by a Mr. Cave to a Mr. Adams regarding his “immediate attendance” in the country to receiver some votes with “on the point of deserting”. Dated Highgate Dec. 31st 1774.

Early French Marriage Certificate dated June 19th, 1725. It names a Nicolla, daughter of Charles Jaulne, and a Jacques Mannoury. It relates to Harcourt, in Normandy.

1716 document George I in Latin

Document from 1660 related to a William and John Martyn Living in Derby County

Early Document related to a William Major of Buckinghamshire County, Husbandman, and others, 1638

Copy of the London Chronicle Newspaper for October 6th, 1759

Copy of the London Chronicle, June 29th 1758

The County Magazine, May 1786

The County Magazine, March 1786

Lloyd’s Evening Post and British Chronicle, October 13th 1760

The London Chronicle, April 22nd 1758

Affidavit of Mr James Austen Regarding the Settlement of His Marriage to Miss Cresswell, 1796

A Letter of 1797 Discussing a Financial Disagreement

4 Letters Related to Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, 1783-1797

Early Depiction Microscopes, done for the Universal Magazine, 1749

Pamphlet on “Rates for Hackney Coaches” in London, 18th Century

Cover page of the “Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure”

Excerpt from the Universal Magazine, 1771, entitled “An Account of a Monstrous Birth”

Letter related to Property in Surrey, 1799

Document related to the Manor of Carshalton in Surrey, 1779

Civil War Period Document Regarding a Payment, 1646.

Short Note Related to the Payment of Interest, 1710.

The Oath of Every Freeman of the City of London

Indenture Related to the Apprenticeship of Joseph Palmer to Ann Stroud, to Learn to be a Butcher, 1794

Document related to the Manor of Aldeburgh and the Marquis of Salisbury, 1799

Documents related to the Will of Mr. William Rose

Three Pages of an Antiquarians Research Notes, 1723

Page from a German Bible, 1534

Articles of Agreement Relating to The Campions of West Sussex, 1792

Document related to Mr. Robert Walpole and a Tenant’s Agreement, 1786

Letter regarding land in Bury St. Edmunds, 1788

Two Letters related to Legal Matters over estates, 1783 and 1785

Case on a Deed sent herewith: Thomas Taylor wants to raise money by Making a mortgage, 1780

Page from an Incunabula (Pre-1500 book) Circa 1490

Page from a Bonaventura Incunabula with Rubrication, 1496

Page from a French Agricultural Magazine Depicting a Plough, 1754

Page from a French Agricultural Magazine Depicting a Seed Drill, 1754

18th Century letter by a J. Keeble to his niece. The writer was a servant in Englefield House. Circa 1770s

Communion Cert. 1767

Vellum Indenture related to the Manor of Mildenhatt, 1766

Invoice for expenses, William Nevinson of Wakefield, 1766

18th Century music sheet for the Scottish song ‘The Nut Brown Maid’

18th Century music sheet for the song ‘Matchless Clarinda’ by Handel

Latin document in vellum related to a Thomas Hayward of Gloucester, 1724

18th Century Sheet Music, ‘Windsor Shades’

Late 18th Century print titled ‘Opposition Telegraphs’ 1798

Pamphlet produced in London in 1775 in support of the American Revolution

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