The Explore History Archives is divided into different periods to facilitate research. However you will notice that there is a certain “randomness” to the collection. This is due to the fact that it is based upon my personal collection that evolved over the years. Some periods have a great deal more than others, in part because there are more sources available or have been collected for that era.

The collection also focuses upon the “everyday” – the kind of things that average people interacted with on a daily basis – letters, magazines and newspapers, photographs, pamphlets and advertisements and a whole range of other sources often referred to as ephemera. However, new materials are added weekly as auctions and markets are trolled through for historical gems. The result is that if you are to get the most out of the site you will need to take the time to explore the collections.

Please note all items in the archives may be used freely for personal or educational purposes. Publication of any of the sources in the collection requires written permission from Explore History Ltd.

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