Coombs Church, West Sussex

Nestled into the slope of the Downs overlooking the Adur Valley sits one of my favourite churches in Sussex. Coombs church is a little gem which is well worth a visit if you are in the area and have an appreciation for all things medieval. The church dates from around...

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Malmesbury, Wiltshire

On a recent weekend excursion to the Cotswolds I took the opportunity to visit one of the more interesting and attractive towns in Wiltshire. First attracted to it by the interesting figures that once called it home, you quickly are taken with the winding streets of...

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Cissbury Ring, West Sussex, UK

Visiting an Iron Age hill fort like Cissbury Ring is an excellent way to explore Iron Age Britain and what life would have been like for the ancient Celtic speaking peoples in the centuries before the arrival of Roman armies in 43 A.D. Walking its extensive ramparts,...

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The Baths of Caracalla, Rome

Attempting to write a brief history based blog on Rome would border on madness as there is just too much history that would need to be covered. How does one cover the Forum, Colosseum, the Vatican and the endless number of ruins that just seem to pop up every time you...

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Vimy Ridge

A place of immense importance to Canada, Vimy Ridge is one of the most important WWI sites that anyone can visit. I have had the privilege of visiting Vimy Ridge many times over my career, and have attended a number of Remembrance Day celebrations, which was a...

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Diocletian’s Palace, Split Croatia

Over the past few years I have known a number of people that have went to Croatia and all have been pleasantly surprised by what they found. I therefore decided that I too would check it out, but where to go? There are many places that we could visit, but one in...

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