Archive materials related to WWI.

Hand-written Greeting card, “The Basra bash!!” 1915-16

Two Nurses at Kirby Hall, 1917

WWI Trench Art watercolours by Leonard Cutt: Part 2

Collection of 22 Miniature water colours from the Trenches. The images were created by a soldier, Leonard Cutt, while serving in France in 1918. Part 1: 11 images

3 WWI Postcards, including a silk postcard. Two of the cards depict damage from German Shelling of British Civilian Targets such as Scarborough.

Collection of Letters Related to the Soldier Henry Jones, Writing from France in 1915

Protection Certificate and Certificate of Identity, 1919

Letter from P.D. Bailey to a W. Ball Regarding Payment for a Patent on a New Type of Bomb, 15th February 1916

Letter Sent from the American Red Cross Hospital in Baltimore to a Miss Emily Ball of Essex in 1918 regarding a family Member

Certificate of the “Overseas Club: Christmas Day Gift” 1915

Souvenir Pictures of the Victory Celebrations in France, 1919

Orders for Drivers of the Royal Flying Corps in India, Simla 1917

Rules to be Observed by British Troops Travelling in India during the Summer Months by Rail, 1916

A Brief History of No 30 Squadron Royal Air Force. This short history covers the period 1914-1945, but a large proportion of the work is focussed upon WWI.

Royal Flying Corps Certificate “A” 12th September, 1914, Lieutenant C.T. McDonald of the Seaforth Highlanders

Original WWI poem titled “The Buzzings of a Bluebottle” written by Pte L. Stratford 2/5 Glos Regt. June 5th, 1918. It was found with a collection of nursing related photos.

Documents Related to A.H. Wilson, R.F.A. Includes two field service post cards, a deck of playing cards and his paybook.

Collection of WWI French Postcards

WWI Picture Postcards

Collection of WWI British Postcards

Excerpt from the Listening Post, 1918

WWI Field Service Cards

Collection of Silk Embroidered Postcards

10 Cartoons by Basil Reynolds

Canada Ypres 1915 – Illustration from Punch Magazine

G. Lyons, Middlesex Regt. Victory Medal Award, 1921

Card for the “Overseas Club Empire Day” 1915

WWI German Bi-Plane with Soldiers

Humorous British WWI postcard, stamped “passed by censor”

1915 Photo Card of German Soldiers and Nurse

German World War I Postcard, 1917

German Meat Ration Card, 1917

Panoramic Photo of WWI Soldiers

WWI Letter from George V to Soldiers

Letter from the Western Front, Written by a Soldier name Percy, Sept 14th 1917

WWI ‘Artists Rifler Grand Recruiting Concert’ poster, 1915

WWI Soldier in a Great Coat

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