Steyning, West Sussex

West Sussex has its fair share of picturesque villages one can visit, but none more so than Steyning. Like Alfriston in East Sussex, Steyning, located a 15 minute drive north of Shoreham and Worthing on the south coast, is very much what comes to mind when one thinks of a traditional English village. Located amongst … Read more

Bramber Castle

Bramber Castle

I recently visited Bramber Castle, which sits a short drive inland from the coast in West Sussex just north of Shoreham. The Castle was built shortly after 1066 to secure the coast in the wake of William’s conquest of England at Hastings. It sits atop a high hill with excellent views along the valley of … Read more

Roman Bath

Roman Baths, Bath

It is safe to say that you haven’t really experienced Roman Britain until you have seen the Roman Baths at Bath. A site of religious significance since the Mesolithic, when the Romans arrived they immediately recognised the importance of the site and set about redesigning it to better meet the needs of Roman citizens. The … Read more