Vimy Ridge

A place of immense importance to Canada, Vimy Ridge is one of the most important WWI sites that anyone can visit. I have had the privilege of visiting Vimy Ridge many times over my career, and have attended a number of Remembrance Day celebrations, which was a...

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Diocletian’s Palace, Split Croatia

Over the past few years I have known a number of people that have went to Croatia and all have been pleasantly surprised by what they found. I therefore decided that I too would check it out, but where to go? There are many places that we could visit, but one in...

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Death Valley

Vegas was never high on my list of places to visit, but when the opportunity arose I was not about to pass it up, and was I glad that I didn’t. While the spaces in that part of America are vast, Vegas is centrally located enough to be the perfect place from...

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Steyning, West Sussex

West Sussex has its fair share of picturesque villages one can visit, but none more so than Steyning. Like Alfriston in East Sussex, Steyning, located a 15 minute drive north of Shoreham and Worthing on the south coast, is very much what comes to mind when one thinks...

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Hill 62 Trench Museum, Ypres

Since the early 1920s people have been making their way to the battlefields of WWI. Some have gone in search of answers, to find closure and connect with a loved one lost, out of curiosity or a simple interest in history. The reasons are as many as the sites that may...

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Bramber Castle

I recently visited Bramber Castle, which sits a short drive inland from the coast in West Sussex just north of Shoreham. The Castle was built shortly after 1066 to secure the coast in the wake of William’s conquest of England at Hastings. It sits atop a high hill with...

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