WWII: "Dear CB" Podcast

The archive materials related to WWII is the most extensive in the collection. This is in part due to the great wealth of material available. During the war massive amounts of documents – pamphlets, posters, official guides, etc., were generated by all governments to support their war efforts, and many of these have survived and found their way into the hands of collectors and military enthusiasts. The result – a great deal of interesting material to look at!

German propaganda leaflet dropped over Dunkerque in 1940 telling Allied soldiers that the situation was hopeless and they should lay down their arms

German WWII propaganda leaflet announcing Hitler assuming complete control of the German state and war effort, 1942

Humorous RAF Certificate for Crossing the Arctic Circle, 1942

Land army pictures

Excerpt from the Admiralty Publication “Arctic War”, 1945

“The Story of French ‘Spy’ Stamps

Excerpt from the Wartime Publication “R.A.F.Middle East”, 1943

Excerpt from the Wartime Publication, “British Railways in Wartime” 1943

Excerpt from the Air Training Corps Gazette, April 1942

Pamphlet on the “National Services Act, 1939-1941 – Position of Men”

Government Pamphlet “Grants to the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy Societies in 1946”

Pamphlet Entitled “Further Education” outlining a scheme for returning soldiers looking to acquire further training/education. 1945

One page document from the Admiralty, Portsmouth, instructing officers arriving in the U.K. and reintegrating into civilian life after WWII.

Pamphlet for the SCR, 1941-42. The SCR was an organisation established in 1924 to collect and distribute information on the USSR in Britain, and supply the USSR with information on British culture.

Excerpt from the Publication “The Navy Y Scheme”

Excerpt from the Wartime Publication “The Royal Marines”

Excerpt from the Wartime Publication, “Land at War”

Excerpt from the Publication, The Abyssinian Campaign

Excerpt from “Frontline 1940-1941”

Excerpt from the wartime Publication “Merchantmen at War”

Excerpt from the Wartime Publication “Target Germany”

Excerpt from the Wartime Publication, “Fleet Air Arm”

Excerpt from the Wartime Publication, “Destruction of an Army”

Excerpt from the Wartime Publication “Frontline 1940-1941

Excerpt from the Wartime Publication, “There’s Freedom in the Air”

Excerpt from the Publication “The Conquest of North Africa”

Excerpt from “Northern Garrisons”

Excerpt from the Wartime Publication “The Royal Marines”

Excerpt from the Publication, “Ark Royal”

Excerpt from the Publication, “The Abyssinian Campaigns”

Excerpt from the Publication “Roof Over Britain”

Excerpt from the Booklet, “Transport Goes to War”

Excerpt from the Booklet, “The Air Battle of Malta”

Excerpt from the Booklet, “The Campaign in Greece and Crete”

Excerpt from the WWII Publication “The Royal Armoured Corps: Through Mud & Blood to the Green Fields Beyond”

Excerpt from the Pamphlet “The Tiger Triumphs” that tells the story of the contribution made by soldiers from India during WWII.

Excerpt from the Booklet “By Air to Battle” the official account of the British Airborne Divisions

Excerpt from the Pamphlet “Battle of Flanders” 1940

Pamphlet on the Abbotsford B.C. Air base, part of the Empire Air Training Scheme in WWII

Excerpt from the Government Publication, “Among Those Present” the Official Story of the Pacific Islands at War.

War Damage Act, 1941. Part II: Private Chattels Scheme

Copy of “C’mon and Sing” a collection of songs published by the Canadian Red Cross during WWII.

Excerpt from the Admiralty Publication, The Mediterranean Fleet, April 1941 to January 1943. The excerpts chosen cover the situation in the Mediterranean and the Siege of Malta.

Volume 1. No. 1. of The Aeroplane Spotter, January 2nd, 1941

Excerpt from the Admiralty publication, “Merchantmen at War” The excerpt chosen is titled “Ships in the Thick of it”

Excerpt from “Victory” The weekly for India Command, December 1944.

Excerpt from the Booklet, “East of Malta, West of Suez” the Admiralty Account of the Naval War in the Eastern Mediterranean, September 1939 to March 1941

Excerpt from “Victory” The Weekly for India Command. 1944

Excerpt from the Pamphlet, “Service Overseas”

“Welcome to Durban” Pamphlet providing information for Service Men and Women.

Excerpts from “Aircraft Recognition” The Inter-Services Journal. Number 10. June 1944.

Copy of the German Luftpost, April 10th 1944

Excerpts from the Admiralty Publication “His Majesty’s Minesweepers” 1943

RAF Xmas Postcard

Pamphlet Issued by Wild Woodbine Cigarettes offering Soldiers Useful Hints Upon Arriving in India

RAF Form 295a Permission to be Absent

Excerpt from the London Gazette, 1943

Civil Defence Pamphlet: Your Gas Mask

Excerpt from the London Gazette, Oct. 10th 1941

Copy of The Edible Jungle Fruits, Published by the Chief of the General Staff, India

A Collection of Stamps from Wartime Germany

A.T.S. and V.A.D. Release Book, 1945

Clothing Ration Book, 1945

Air Raid Warden’s Card

Civil Defence Pamphlet – Evacuation Why and How? 1939.

Civil Defence Pamphlet: Your Food in Wartime, 1939

Sheet Music: Say a Prayer for the Boys Over There, 1943

Document on the Bombing of the Light Forces at the Evacuation of Crete

Sheet Music for Yankee Doodle Dandy, 1942

Pamphlet: RAF Members of Aircraft Crews Entry and Service, 1941

RAF Registration Form for Candidates for Service

Pamphlet: Bombay – A Services Guide to the City

Pamphlet: Welcome to Bombay – V for Victory

Pamphlet: For Your Guidance – What to do on Leaving the Service

RAF Volunteer Reserve Notice of Postponement of Service

Form Given out Listing Items Given to Soldiers in India

Document to be Given to Local Population in India if Lost

Play Put on by RAF Gibraltar

Journal of the 140th Ambulance

RAF Certificate of Service and Discharge

National Service Document Regarding Wounded in North Africa

Home Guard Certificate of Proficiency

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